CD & DVD Security Services

CD / DVD Shredders
Our line of CD / DVD shredders, safely and quickly destroy confidential CDs and DVDs. The system reduces a disc to hundreds of plastic shreds. A single disc can be destryed in less than 5 seconds

Ideal for:
• Government Orgainisations
• Military Orgainisations
• Security Departments
• Medical Record Departments
• Software Duplicators
• Marketing List Organisations
• Financial Institutions

Protect your valuable content woth AuthentiCoat

Our exclusive AuthentiCoat overlaminate films deliver an entirely new solution to our clients. Utilising thel atest in ptented holographic technology, this unique flim clearly tells the world that your discs are auuthentic.

Benifits are:
• Highly Water Resistant
• Highly Scratch Resistant
• Glossy & Bright
• Secure