CD Cover & CD Printing Templates

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AA Duplication have a range of templates for our CD printing and CD cover design services. Use the following templates to ensure your artwork will look exactly how you envisioned it. Pick from our extensive range of specifications to help you design for CD printing.

If you need any assistance with these files or if you would prefer one of our professional graphic designers to take the hassle out of CD cover design, contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Replication Artwork Specifications
Run 500 and above.

CD Label Film
Tray Inlay
1 Page Booklet
1 Page & Tray Inlay
2 Page Booklet
2 Page & Tray Inlay
4 Page Booklet
6 Page Booklet
8 Page Stapled Booklet
8 Page Parallel Fold Booklet
8 Page Concertina Fold Booklet
8 Page Roll Fold Booklet
8 Page Gate Fold Booklet
8 Page Poster
12 Page Booklet
16 Page Booklet
20 Page Booklet
24 Page Booklet
Slimline J Card
Cardboard Wallet
DigiPak 4 Page 1 Tray
DigiPak 6 Page 2 Tray
Duplication Artwork Specifiction
Runs 1 – 499.
CD Colour on White Disc
CD Black Text on Silver Disc
CD Black Text on White Disc
DVD Black on White Disc
DVD Colour on White Disc
2 Page Booklet
4 Page Booklet
Inlay (Tray Card) Can Be 2 Sided
Inlay Inside (For Clear Tray)
Cardboard Wallet
Gatefold Sleeve
DVD Slick Artwork Specifications
DVD Slick
DVD Black on White Disc
DVD Colour on White Disc

Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing Directions

Merchandise Artwort Specifications

1 Inch Badge
2 Inch Badge
1 Inch Keyring
Acrylic Magnet
Fridge Magnet
Guitar Pic