Promotional Power Banks

It’s time to power up your marketing efforts and strategy
In today’s world everyone is using smart phones and tablets, and we’re all using them to do far more work than we used to. The result is we all need more power.

Power Banks are small to carry, a perfect solution, a great device. How many times have you been out and about or no where near a power point or computer so you can charge your phone or mobile device? This is a fantastic small sized portable charger with a 2200mAh rechargeable power bank. It’s universal and it’s certainly a must have for anyone with a phone, mobile or electronic device! It comes with an accessory pack with adapters for charging all types of electronic devices. This 2200mAh external battery is compatible with just about anything, including, iPhones, iTouch, iPod, Smart Phones and other mobile, portable game consoles, GPS, and other portable devices with USB connectors . This Power bank can charge your device at quickly. They have a inbuilt rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, rechargeable through usb cable, computer, laptop, or car charger. Built-in protection functions for short circuit or over charge/ discharge.

Custom brand your unique promotional giveaway and engage your clients with a promotional portable power bank logo printed. Custom printed power banks are a brilliant giveaway, so why not add some character to your new promotional / advertising campaign and use a portable charger. Have your logo printed on the promotional power bank and impress your clients with one. Makes a great Christmas or staff gift.

Custom printed portable chargers are the great way to promote and expand your brand with every one having a mobile phone or tablet. You are literally putting your logo in everyone’s hands. It is a unique way to get your message across and safely know that your hard earned well spent money will be utilised. Chargers are a top product for conference merchandise, prospective clients, corporate gifts and promotional products at events and meetings