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CD Duplication and Replication each have their pros and cons

To put it simply, duplication involves burning each CD-R or DVD-R one at a time and replication refers to the procedure where CDs or DVDs are manufactured by the injection moulding of raw poly carbonate as our sister company GM&P. The data on replicated discs is “stamped on” at the time of moulding and not burnt on as is during duplication.

During duplication, recordable discs (similar to the ones you may burn on a home PC) are first printed using one of a number of print methods such as Litho, Screen or Digital. These pre-printed CD-R or DVD-R blanks are then duplicated or burnt one at a time on either automated duplicators or towers containing as many as 11 burners and one reader. Despite modern burners and media claiming speeds of in excess of 40X for CDR and 16X for DVD it is more common for professional duplicating companies such as our selves to limit the write speed to 16X for CDR and 8X for DVDR. This helps create a more reliable copy and reduces wastage during the duplication process.

At AA Duplication we provide fast turnaround for CD duplication and can take care of every step of the process, from checking the source material before duplication through to any graphic design that may be needed. We offer the full range of duplication services required, producing black text to full colour CD printing at a low cost.

We have provided CD duplication services for up and coming bands wanting their CD’s duplicated for a launch through to a business’s wanting CD’s duplicated for promotional purposes. Our CD duplication service is second to none in quality and price; you will not get better CD duplication anywhere.

Contact us today to find out how quick and easy it is to have your CD’s duplicated to ensure you have CD’s for that all important launch.