Often confused or mislead about Replication?

Replication refers to the process where CDs or DVDs are manufactured by the injection moulding of raw poly carbonate. The data on replicated discs is “stamped on” at the time of moulding and not burnt on as is during duplication.

The first step in replication is the creation of a glass master from which the “father” is created. This glass master is not to be confused with a data image of the disc, it is a physical representation of the pits that make up a data layer, made out of glass. This then in turn is used to create a “mother” or stamper. This mother then acts as the mould for the polycarbonate to be formed. In large volume runs several mothers are made in order to spread the production across a number of lines.

The finished discs are then metalised to protect them and for the player to read the content, then the disc’s are printed using either litho (offset) or screen printing.

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