DVD Duplication

DVD Duplication and Replication Services

Many of our customers require low volume DVD duplication products at short notice. It is always good business to cater for the needs of the customer and therefore AA DUPLICATION is able to provide orders as quickly as 24 hours. Our short run orders are available with full colour print directly to the disc and burn capacity is up to 4.7GB of data or video.

The fastest way to place an order for a low volume order is to email disc artwork and provide delivery details. The order can then be processed, the master DVD can be posted or couriered then as soon as it is received the order can go into production and usually despatch the same day or following day.

DVD duplication in low volumes is very useful for advertising or marketing purposes where large files need to be distributed to prospective clients. A duplicated DVD can hold up to 4.7GB, so posting or handing out these promotional DVD’s is usually more preferable over trying to send large data files or videos electronically.

There has been an ever increasing growth in business for DVD duplication of electronic catalogues. This business sector growth has been due to better understanding of what the DVD-R format can be used for. Also the increases in price of traditional litho/ offset printed brochures have turned companies towards the more cost effective solution of DVD brochures.

A duplicated DVD can hold data information up to 4.7GB in size so is easily capable of storing thousands of pages and high resolution photographs. For companies that have a large product range the DVD is a far more sensible format for distribution of catalogues. These DVD duplication catalogues can contain detailed information and high resolution photos of product ranges for the customer to view or even print relevant sections.

Most comprehensive electronic brochures are put together in PDF format but these PDF files can be far too large for email or internet download. The option to burn the PDF to DVD for postal distribution is a no brainer for many Austalian companies who rely on direct marketing to new and existing business customers. This form of distribution is a perfect example of how DVD duplication can be used as a powerful marketing and selling tool for business.

As some customers point out to us the DVD can also be considered environmentally friendly. The information able to be stored on a single DVD could take thousands of pages of colour print if produced by traditional print. Help save trees and consider DVD duplication as an alternative to hard copy print.